White Hat VS Black Hat SEO


You may be wondered to learn that Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the process system of increasing traffic and conversions for a website through improved organic search results, wears hats. Like the old ‘B’ cowboy movies of your great – grandfather’s era, the techniques and those who apply them are called either white hat , if a good guy, or black hat , if a bad guy . If you are hiring a specialist(SEO) or company to optimize your site, you need to be able to identify the approaches, methods, and expectations of these two styles of SEO.


White hat

Google Webmaster Guidelines in both fact and spirit abided by The Good Guys of SEO. They focus on creating a site that will bring value to your potential customers naturally through quality, keyword research and authoritative content. Dealing with web properties (with high-value) and always take care not to risk the search engine rankings.

Value in the site is developed slowly through:

  • Content Optimization and Creation
  • A / B Testing
  • Web Analytics Observations


Black hat

Google Webmaster Guidelines are disregarded by The Bad Guys of SEO. They’re using techniques that increase organic results ranking artificially in just a short amount of time for the targeted keywords. Deceptive practices techniques that, once discovered, may become a subject to a penalty or even get the site removed from the index of search engines. It always have low-value website properties that they are working. They focus more on making money as possible before they’re get caught. Black Hat SEO can possibly result in your Web site being banned from a search engine, since it’s focus is more on quick high return business type, experts who use Black Hat SEO techniques or tactics are consider being banned from search engines a somewhat irrelevant risk.


Techniques may include deceptive tactics such as:

  • Purchasing links from low-quality, unrelated sites
  • Creating “doorway” pages that show a different web page to search engines and to readers
  • Hiding text or links by coloring them the same as the background color


We always wonder that Black Hat SEO services have a market. It has a very huge impact on service(online) of a company’s services and products if it is listed on the first page of search results. But getting on the first page is not enough. This may make a short term risky approach appealing to some companies. However, applied White Hat techniques, it will assured of earnings and keeping that position of your website to have legitimately for a long term even if it may take longer.

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8 Risky Black Hat SEO Techniques Used Today

  1. Paid Links (Source)
  2. Spam Contents (Source)
  3. Duplicate Contents (Source)
  4. Article Spinning (Source)
  5. Cloaking (Source)
  6. Doorway Pages (Source)
  7. Keyword Stuffing (Source)
  8. Invisible Text (Source)