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I believe you are familiar with “SEO Content”   since you are reading this. But what is a [wd_ads advert=”788″]“SEO Content”? What types of SEO content are there? What could be my SEO content strategy?Am I doing it right? When to use it? and How?


SEO or the Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing website so that people can find it through search engines. It is a technique used into increase visibility (Google)


Content,  something inside the webpage.


SEO + CONTENT =SEO CONTENT is something in your web page that  can optimize your website. Something that would help your page be found by customers. It doesn’t end with just knowing what is a SEO Content, you should also know what are the different types of SEO Content, and compare their differences to come up with the SEO Content strategy that best suits your business and your goal.

Now let us talk about the different types of SEO Content.



  • Infographics = info” + “graphics”. Presentation of data visually.  It is done in a creative way to to let the people understand. (Google)

Let me give  an example.


Here’s an infographic from a famous food chain Mcdonalds of their happy meal. It has the image of their mascots and their product all n bright colors. Below is also a little, interesting fact about their meal.

The bright color catches the eye, so you will have to take a look at it. And once you open it, of course since you will be seeing that there’s a paragraph below, I am sure you will read it. And that’s the advantage of infographic.


How to do it? You can always have someone, like a professional graphic designer to create it for your business. There are people who already focused on infographics, but  it would be a little expensive. And I know, it’s risky to be spending much without the assurance the people will take it.

        But don’t worry, because there are actually free online tools for infographics. So with your desktop, internet and  a little creativity, you can have it.

Free tools?  Of course here is the list of the free tools I was saying, and I mean it when I say it’s all free.


A, http://infogr.am/ – infogprahic and interactive charts

B.http://visual.ly/ – you can tell your brand’s story with the videos, photos, micro-content and other web graphics

C. http://www.easel.ly/ – They provide the canvass, you provide the creativity

D. https://venngage.com/ – Designs and themes for free


Take Note:  You cannot have just a viral infographics by just simply making one. You have to make it really good to for people to enjoy and share it.


  • Memes. Viral.Funny . These are the benefits of memes. People love something that they can laugh and share at.


How? It doesn’t require require graphic designs. You can just add texts to an image. It doesn’t need to be perfect. The texts just need to be relevant to the image. This is perfect for social media.


  1. Videos. Video is just like the infographics, but it s more in a live action. An effective video expressses a direct message and lasts. It leaves you an impression of the purpose of the video.Video is an advantage especially for people who love action more, who loves watching and listening more than reading. You can upload these videos on Yotube or Vimeo.


Keep in Mind. Just like infographics and memes, you have to make your video interesting and good enough to be shareable by people. Shorter videos are much more effective than longer.


  1.  Book Reviews. Book reviews is perfect for book marketing. It’s a simple discussion, summary and your opinion about a book that you’ve read.  You can recommend good ones. A lot of people follow book reviewers, since they first want to have an idea of the book they want to read before reading it.


How?  Don’t make it complicated. Make it not too long, that readers will not read it by seeing how long it is.  Here are the things you can include on your review:

  • Title of the Book
  • Author
  • Summary of the Book
  • The downfall of the story and a little bit of how it went (of course don’t be a spoiler)
  • Your favorite part
  • Lesson Learned/Reflection to the book
  • Recommendation
  1. Your Opinion.  It could be to a forum, discussion, comment or your post in a blog.  Your opinion expresses your ideas and thoughts to events and issues. It  often expresses stronger feeling, could be negative or positive. Having your opinion on viral issues could give you greater chance of having your opinion be heard or seen by many.

These are just five of the different types of SEO Contents that you can try. There’s actually a lot more. It could be something that everyone does, or something new that you’ve discovered. Just use your creativity and uniqueness and I am sure it won’t let you down. As long as you have your goal, let your goal be your guide. Always put yourself on your target audience shoes.

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