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What Makes Quality Backlinks?

SEO is not just about creating backlinks but rather about creating QUALITY backlinks. Backlinks of low quality does not matter to search engines like google, which is the largest most influential search engine of all. So, in order for websites to rank high SEO specialists must keep in mind what kind of backlinks they are creating. There are different characteristics of a quality backlink, which I am going to explain to you one by one.

What are the different characteristics of quality backlinks?

Site-level Relevancy. This characteristic is a general one. The website that you put your backlinks into must be relevant to your website. If you have a real estate website you should post on forums or blogs about real estate. Please note that this does not apply to all SEO strategies like web 2.0 and article submission as these websites offer general and wide range of topics. Just be sure to use the right category when using web 2.0 and article submission.

Page-level Relevancy. From the word “page” this means that the page you are going to post into must be relevant to your topic. If the website you are promoting is about pets then you post on pages about pets. Obviously, it will be a bad idea to leave a backlink on winery pages if your topic is about pets.

Link Relevancy. From the word “link” and “relevancy” meaning the link should be relevant to the website you are promoting before you leave a backlink there.
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Contextual. Your content must be contextual; meaning it should be related to the website you are promoting and to the relevant link where you leave a backlink.

Content Quality. The quality of your content is very important. You can’t just post a low quality content and leave an anchor text to it and think it will be a good backlink. Your content will reflect to your website. If your article has a low quality content then the readers wouldn’t be interested to visit your site.

Relevant Outbound Links. Outbound links are links that will take your click elsewhere, to another webpage or to a specific website. Relevant means closely connected or of contemporary interest. Now, what do you think would happen if you put relevant together with outbound links? For sure you think it would be a quality backlink. Yes, you are right.

backlink qualityWith these six characteristics of quality backlinks, for sure it will be a quality one. Why invest your time creating a backlink of low quality when you can create a quality one?

Additional Info

You might need to check Domain Authority (DA) and Page Rank (PR) as well for a high quality one. There are a lot of tools you can use for free to check DA and PR.

Keep in mind always that while you search for pages and websites to leave your backlink, check the quality first. Search engines give relevant results to searches. So it is just reasonably right that when search engine spiders crawl, they check backlinks considering relevance. And this is a big thing to consider as it affects the website’s ranking in search engines.

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