Ways on How to Legally Steal Rankings with Competitor Backlink Analysis

Search Engine Optimization’s (SEO) favorite tricks that has stood the test of time is to steal rankings through what we can backlink analysis and is most likely one of the much needed skill of today. SEO analyst spend many hours analyzing backlinks it may be whether they come from us specifically for helping Google penalty or not.

What is Backlink Analysis?

Backlink analysis is a basic element to any link building campaign. What’s more, running backlink analysis can help develop fundamental knowledge of links, specifically link building strategies, and link qualities.

Analyzing backlinks is surely to be a time consuming process but with a bit of elbow grease, you can check competitor backlinks and use them to easily rank your competitor’s website and that lucky are we that free tools has been provided by so many that we can use.

Mainly the aim of backlinks analysis is not to copy competitors’ backlinking strategy. You should analyze the link building of your competitor and use the information you have to make your own link-building more efficient which will work effectively, and find ideas to help you compete more favorably.

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Components of a Complete Backlink Analysis are as follows:
  • Total number of links
  • Number of unique domains
  • Linking domains vs. total links
  • Anchor text usage and variance – branded, keyword rich, etc.
  • Incoming links
  • Page performance
  • Link Quality
Competitor Backlink Analysis Method

By identifying and doing a research for any keywords on Google is mainly one of the thing that should be done in analyzing competitors backlink. Always remember that each of the top 10 search results have a backlink profile that pleases Google. In most cases each part of the top 10 results backlink profile is powering the rankings.

Eying out regularly can help you identify new competitors before all the others, track the progress of existing competitors as well as determine any drastic changes for future analysis.

Importance of Backlink Data
  • Figures out exactly why you or your competitors are ranking for any given search term.
  • Data can be used in building a golden database of backlinks that you can re-use time again to drive traffic to your websites.
  • search engines, especially Google, will give more credit to websites that have a good number of quality backlinks, and consider those websites more relevant than others in their results pages for a search query.
  • The higher the relevance of inbound links, the greater their quality.
The Perfect Foundation of Building a Backlink

Definitely no more need to spend time & money trying to figure things out when you can just steal your competitor’s backlinks!

Find out How! Well, performing competitor’s backlink analysis allows you to create a great foundation link profile to your site. Duplicating your competitor backlinks takes a lot of the hard work out of link building and is very easy for anyone new to SEO to do. You can build a very natural profile slowly but surely giving you a great foundation to leverage.


Ways and Steps on How to Steal Rankings with Competitors Backlink Analysis


Getting the top 10 results is one the first thing that you need to do. Gathering the top 10 organic results for the keyword you want to rank for. It’s simply doing a search on Google and take a note of the URL’s. Once you have gathered the URL’s then we will be running each using a backlink checker.


To stretch a comprehensive list of backlinks for each of the top 10 search results we are going to be running each URL through a number of backlink checkers. There are number of backlink checkers to choose from both free and paid but each of these backlink checkers.

Lists of Backlink Checkers are as follows:



This is a free/paid checker. It has won every backlink checker test. Always has been by far one of the best backlink checkers!

Ahrefs free account gives you quite a lot of backlink based data but can only see top 10 backlinks of each report while on the other hand Ahrefs paid account allows you to export all pf then into a CSV file in one click.

Majestic SEO


This checker is also a free/paid one and is a close competitor to Ahrefs when it comes to backlink analysis. Signing up for a free account will allow you to export all of the backlinks for the sites owned and verified. The downside is that it will only let you pull the top 10 backlinks from your competitor’s profile. Pay attention to the “trust flow” of each URL. This is a proprietary algorithm that indicates how trustworthy Majestic SEO thinks the URL is. You will be able to see a host of other valuable metrics such as the type of link, when it was first indexed and last seen. Majestic SEO also lists 301 redirects and even checks for links to both the www and the non – www version of the site.

SEO Spyglass


One of the many free/paid backlink checkers as well. This gives your website the optimal advantage to outrank the competition on search engines. The best feature of this tool is the analysis you can do for each backlink prospect. The free version will check if the links are live, display anchor text, page rank scores, social shares and alexa rank. All of this information is real-time fresh data.

If you are using the free version of SEO Spyglass you will be limited to 1,100 backlinks for each URL, and you won’t be able to export the results. Whereas the paid version goes all out allowing you to bulk check as many URL’s as you want without limits.

Open Site Explorer


This backlink checker comes as a part of the MOZ suite of SEO tools and as they do not specialize in link checking the database isn’t anywhere near the size of others.

A free research will let you get the top 50 backlinks for each URL while the paid version on the other hand gives you the export to CSV option as well as access to the rest of the MOZ Suite Tools.



This is a great free backlink checker to find a website’s backlinks and delivers a pretty decent size of results no strings attached!

Small SEO Tools


Small SEO Tools is a hub of free and best online SEO tools. These are very important for every webmaster’s newbie and exciting one because such tools are basic tools which help your website to achieve high ranking on Google and other search engines.

Traffic Travis


This tool is like SEO Spyglass in that it runs as a desktop application but it also has a bunch of other handy SEO tools & features.

The free version actually lets you do quite a lot of things not just checking backlinks!

It uses Open Site Explorer as its backlink data source but also looks up real time data like page rank.

Definitely a great tool!

Link Diagnosis


This tool has been one of the most well-known link analysis tools around. Link Diagnosis is also a handy free competitor backlink analysis tool although it has limited results. On the brighter side though it uses the Open Site Explorer database and if you install a Firefox extension then  it would be handy and would allow you to export all the backlinks easily in one click.


Once backlinks have been collected as many as possible from as many sources as possible for each of the top 10 results we can move forward. Next step is for you to open a notepad and copy all of the links into one master (.txt) file and save it somewhere.


At this very point your master lisy of competitor backlinks could be pretty large – so to make sure we are working efficiently we are going to do a bit of competitor backlink analysis to pick out the best ones.


Going through each of the links one at a time. Open each link in your browser and see how your competitor got their link on such page. Sometimes it might be through blog commenting, so you then have to post your own comment. When it’s a forum post then you have to register and get involved in whatever discussion there is that is of course relevant. If it’s a guest post then you will have to send an email to submit your own guest post.


This is the part wherein we need to get as much value out of time as possible. Now, making sure that you have gone through the list replicating links and making sure that you keep track of everything and make sure a note of which have been submitted. Once finish then you can check the ones you now have a live backlink from. It means that these backlinks are good as gold!


So there you have it – competitor backlink analysis is one of many SEO favorites (link building techniques) that has stood the test of time.