Visitor Traffic Analysis

Often it is said that detached/objective of SEO campaign is ranking your own website in the Top 10 on the Major Search Engines. But that’s just one of the goals of a SEO campaign. The real objective of a SEO campaign is getting qualified traffic to your site and converting as much as possible into leads or sales.

Suppose you are an automobile company and your SEO consultant ranks you top on keywords like Auto Toys, Auto magazines and Buses, then certainly you are not going to get the desired audience or traffic. Also sometimes your site ranks top on the desired keywords but fails to deliver results in terms of sales. There could be many reasons for that.

Traffic Analysis is the evaluation of referrals from search engines based on conversion of traffic for keyword choices. The data is found in the logs using log analysis software or a customized application to cull referrer data for the site. Visitor traffic analysis helps to optimize the campaign in greater details to increase ROI. There are a number of software’s available in the market that provides data in respect to the above.

The visitor traffic analysis can be done on the following parameters.

  • Traffic on keywords
  • Keywords and landing page
  • Whether the call to action was followed for conversion
  • Qualified Traffic
  • Converted traffic

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Traffic on Keywords:

Knowing the details about which keywords are working well and which are not is important. Keywords can attract targeted as well as untargeted or generic traffic. Targeted traffic means client are interested in your product or the information on your site. They are looking for the information related to your industry. It may be for research or purchase. They generally use keywords to find the information related to your site. I.e. if they are interested in photography then they will use keywords such as wildlife photography, photographs etc. And if you are also into the similar industry and use these keywords in your website, they will visit your site which is a targeted traffic. But if you are a camera manufacturer, these keywords will certainly get you irrelevant traffic.

Therefore it is necessary to select right keywords for the campaign. Also you must know the performance of every keyword. Which keyword attracted the most traffic and which has failed to attract the traffic should be known to search engine optimization consultant. Only then can we see and optimize the site further. Try to replace the non-performing keywords.

Landing Pages and Keywords:

Which keywords are directing the visitors to which pages? Try to figure out which pages are attracting more traffic and why. Include more content if it’s saturated and create different pages for different products and services. This will again attract targeted traffic. Then keyword research should be planned according to pages.

Whether the call to action was followed for conversion:

Marketers expect certain activities to be done by visitors on the website. These can be downloading stuff, registration, asking more info and writing views about the product. As an SEO consultant we must know whether the visitors are performing that activity or not. If not then try to find out the reasons behind it. There might be wrong selection of keywords or content might be not up to the mark. If we can figure out what makes the consumer leave the site, we can work on that.

Qualified Traffic:

Qualified traffic also means targeted/intent traffic. You condition to know the demographics and psychographics of the traffic you are getting for the client. The conversion rate will mostly be high only if you attract qualified traffic. There are several and easy ways to get qualified traffic such as more precise and targeted keywords, well defined keywords etc.

You must be able to see and finding out on which keywords are getting qualified visitors and which are getting general visitors. The more the qualified visitors it is more beneficial for your site.

Converted traffic:

Conversion in terms of sales is undoubtedly the final aim of a marketer. You must track how many sales you are generating for the client. Even if you are getting huge traffic but no conversions then it’s no use to the client. So track the actual sales and find out the way they are making sales.

Calculating the percent or ratio of traffic converting into actual sales. As consultant in SEO our aim must be to increase the conversion rate for our clients and help him hit the optimal ROI(return of investment) mark via his search engine marketing efforts. Create value for the customer in terms of traffic, leads or customers.