Top 5 Most Important SEO

1. Include the Exact Target Keyword

When attainable insert your regulate want keyword or phrase in your URL. This is usually hard to complete on the subject of your dwelling page, but it should be easy regarding your support pages or blog articles.

2. 301 Redirect Broken URLs

If you must fine-feel a URL for any gloss, just recall you are removing a page that Google has potentially indexed and count sites have associated to. You don’t throbbing search engines to remove a high ranking web page from the search results because they can’t locate your content upon your very old URL. Simply present advice search engines by totaling a 301 redirect from your outdated URL to your option URL.
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3. Upload a Favicon

The tiny icon following-door-door to your URL in a browser is a favicon. Adding one has many assists. Search engines taking into consideration Bing and Google have toyed in addition to including favicons in the search results. Favicons with stand out more in browser bookmarks, helping when brand reaction and trust.

There may not be any take in hand SEO causation from the effects of having a favicon upon your site, but there is a certain correlation. In all, it’s improved to have one.

4. Use Canonical URLs

Dynamic pages can sometimes accidentally make duplicate content, and you don’t deficiency to profit penalized for something you didn’t carefully reach, so using canonical URLs.

Here are a few important ways to use canonical URLs:

  • Dynamic Content
    If you nonattendance to be a preferred URL, even if subsidiary URLs entry this same content, subsequently grow a rel=canonical associated element in the head of each of those pages behind the same content. This will add footnotes to search engines to without help index
  • Preferred Domain Redirect
    Avoid the possibility of Google and new search engines thinking you have duplicate content. and are looked at as two rotate websites in the eyes of search engines. To stick this, set your preferred domain redirect as either or This will redirect your non-preferred domain to your preferred domain.
  • Canonicalize Your IP
    This is out of the secret mannerism to avoid beast penalized for duplicate content. Simply redirect your IP dwelling to your preferred domain. Otherwise, search engines may think your IP residence and your website are two interchange websites in imitation of the similar precise content.

5. Add Mobile URLs to a Sitemap

Tell major search engines along surrounded by Google which web pages upon your site are mobile nearby in a sitemap. Mobile nice pages tend to rank distant in mobile search results.

Some people warn you don’t dependence to indicate mobile radiant pages if your site is nimble. But to be safe, many yet realize adding taking place nimble mobile URLs in a sitemap.