Social Stacking Can Help Boost Rankings

Social stacking, have you ever heard of it before? Some may know it already and some may not. Here is a brief description of it: it involves creating accounts on social media sites and stacking links together from each website. Still not clear? Kindly read on to know how to boost your social media links and unleash its power.

Do you know how to play the stacking game? Well, it’s as easy as 1 2 3. You just pile it up and make sure it doesn’t fall off the ground. By stacking cups you form a pyramid. It sure looks good, right? Well, too much for that stacking game. Let us go down to social stacking.
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Now, what is it and how does it work to boost links through social media?

What is Social Stacking?

Social stacking is the process of creating accounts on multiple social media websites and connecting it all together by adding the profile links of each social media on each social media profile.

The Process of Social Stacking

The diagram below will show you the simple process.
social stacking

It is done in a way that all links will be placed on each social media profiles and even on blogs and vice versa. Upon creating social media accounts you put your website link or url in your profile and if possible put your other social media profile links as well. You do this on all social media profiles applicable. The same goes to your blog profiles as well.

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