SEO Areas Where Webmaster Make The Most Mistakes

1. A. Not Making Domain(Website) At All

Even if we have tons of businesses but we don’t have website. If you are really serious about your business online, you need at least to have your own website. By using this tool or shall we say a simple tool, you can use it to build-up the following, to sell products, and even earn a reputation. Having a business a related website business can make you boost your career or the business makes you more credible. It can provide reassurance to your potential clients that are too serious about your work.


B. “Do” The Right Word About The Page

Like how many words you should go on webpage, others want to load up pages with more/lots of keywords and information, wanted to put hardly on words on a page. In other words, just put as many words as it takes in order to convert visitor/clients in taking next steps. If you’re not using what to do, all users gonna type and include those words, like for example, visitors don’t search Elevation of Mount Everest, they usually search “How High is Mount Everest?”
Another example, If you’re business is restaurant, please include the menus, put it in plain text or pictures and NOT in .pdf format and that makes it easier to see somehow.


Some Reasons Why Need Domain

  1. A Website Can Turn You Into an Expert
  2. It Can Demonstrate Your Passion to Potential Employers and Clients
  3. You Can Use a Website to Showcase Your Talent
  4. It Can Increase Your Employment Opportunities
  5. You Can Launch a Business on a Shoestring
  6. You Can Promote Your Business Products or Services Cheaply
  7. You Can Develop Your Creativity with a Website
  8. It is an Effective Way to Become More Knowledgeable
  9. You Can Make a Small Business Appear Much Bigger



The best in online world today is a having a wonderful sources of opportunity, but needs you to have presence so that or in order to get noticed. Now is the time you must enjoy some of many benefits for having a website. It is where you could express your creativity and contribute your thoughts.



2. Think About Not Link-Building That Limit To Rank Site

Think about best way in marketing, what can I do to market my website(in community or broadlink), another important is the title and description of your really important pages(bookmark them), your description could determine and shows up on this method, that’s the time they click on that link.


Some Link Building Resources:

  • Broken-link Building (Source)
  • Advanced Guide to link building (Source)
  • Using Education Linkbait to get Valuable .edu Links (Source)
  • Linking out instead of Link Building to Rank in Google (Source)
  • Low Hanging Fruit: LinkBuilding with Screaming Frog (Source)
  • Your link reclamation sucks (Link reclamation is the easiest way to earn editorial links to your pages from referring sites that mentioned your brand but didn’t link to you.)

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3. Not Using Webmaster Resources

Google provides free tools like, hundreds of blogs we could read, YouTube Webmaster’s videos, talk people online, testing other search engines online and other free resources; just like iceberg that underneath it are lots of information and that could improve your domain.


The Benefits For Using Webmasters’ Tools:

1.Site Health Information

  • Malware – detect malware if there’s any in your site.
  • Index Status – added number of search engine index of your total number of URLs.
  • Fetch as Google or Bing – so nice little tool and allows you to submit a URL
  • Crawl Stats – how many pages crawls in your website or even when the search engine crawled.
  • Crawl Errors – tells the pages is it has errors that can’t be crawled in order to fix the problem in your website.
  • Message or Warning – of course the health of your owned website.

2. Site Traffic Data

  • Internal Link – is your pages linked to each other.
  • Links To Your Site – who’s linking you,pages and more.
  • Search Queries – top pages and even keywords.

3. Site Optimization Information

  • Content Keywords – most significant keywords that google found in your site.
  • HTML Improvements – help your identify duplicated keywords or contents issue with meta descriptions and also pages titles.