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Rule Of The Thumb In Using Anchor Text

What is Anchor Text and It’s Importance

The text or phrase that appears highlighted and can be mouse overed or clicked that redirects to a target page is called anchor text. It is used in SEO campaigns especially on articles and comments. It is also used in video descriptions and other off page optimization strategies.

Anchor text plays a big role in promoting pages and websites. Basically, a post without it is like “nothing’s here”. No matter how many visitors and readers you have on that certain post, without it they cannot see your page or website because nothing will redirect them to it (except if you are using images).

Different Types of Anchor Texts

It is very important to use the right anchor text in your SEO campaign. There are different types of anchor texts to be used on the campaign. The different types are branded , naked url or link, generic , (LSI) long anchor text, and exact keyword match. Below are the explanations of each type.


The first type is branded anchor text. From the word branded, it is the brand or company name or website name of the page. Say for example your brand or company name is Waterang, so the branded anchor text is Waterang.

Naked URL or Link

Obviously, naked url is your website url. Say your website is, then the naked url or link anchor text would be or you may use (without slash /) or (without http://).
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Generic Type

From the word generic, this type involves the following: go to this site, visit this page, click here, check this out, and other generic terms like those mentioned.

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Long Anchor Text

This type is the variation of your keyword. Say your keyword is “SEO service” then your sentence is 90-Day guaranteed ranking on seo service. The whole “90-Day guaranteed ranking on seo service” sentence is your anchor text.

Exact Keyword Match

We all know a website has lots of keywords, may be five or more. Among all your keywords choose one keyword with most searches. Choose a quality link with high domain authority to put your exact match keyword as anchor text.

How Often Should Each Type Be Used

anchor text and seo on penguinNow that you know the different types of anchor texts, you must also know how frequent you should use each type. The frequency of using each type must be understood and executed properly.

Of all your backlinks’ anchor texts, 50% should be branded, 25% naked links, 20% generic, 1-5% LSI, less than 1% exact keyword match.

Anchor text plays a big role in SEO campaign; if not used correctly it will ruin your campaign. It really is important to know the fundamentals of using each type. Now you can start building your links with the right text using this as a guide.

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