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This Search Engine Optimization Service includes...

  • In-Depth Keyword Research Analysis

    Discover the most profitable keywords with enough searches but weak competition. And recommend best  page structure based on keywords relevancy  to get highly-optimized content pages.

  • Complete Technical Website Audit

    A dedicated onsite expert will find out SEO Technical issues of your website and recommend the best ways to fix the issues to make your site both search-engine-friendly and user-friendly.

  • Quality Backlink Profile Development

    Find out and analyze the top competitors’  good and relevant backlinks and copy them strategically.  Exploit the identified weakness spots of the competitors to outrank them in shortest possible time.

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I'm too impressed of how Waterang SEO Specialists worked professionally. My website ranked from nowhere to position #1 in Google Search Results in less than 90 days.

Sandra Williams
Sandra Williams

What is 90-Day Guaranteed Ranking Strategy?

This offer will guarantee improved ranking of your site for a specific set of keywords by following our expert recommendations. We will help you identify the best and most profitable keywords to go after. Also, we will create the best action plan to improve your ranking within 90 days.

In the customized action plan tailored for your website, it includes the timeline to accomplish each recommendation. A helpful howto guideline is incorporated for you to follow to optimize your website. A sample recommendation could be adding optimized content to your website or fixing broken links.

Aside from howto guidelines we will provide you, our experts are open and welcome to extend further consulting support during the 90-Day Ranking Program, and even entertaining questions regarding the implementation of howto guidelines. We are sincere to help you to succeed in improving your site rankings you deserve.

And regarding the project timeline, it's designed very well to complete the ranking project within 90 days. If there's some delay with regards to your implementation, each day of delay is added to the expected number of days of completion. For example, you are behind or delay by 10 days because of unavoidable business top priorities come up at your end. In this case, instead of 90 days time frame of the project, it's extended to 100 days.

If you project that you can't complete the recommendation within the expected time frame or else you are busy with other most important business operations, you may seek help with our SEO Technical Experts to do the hard work for you. But in this case, you will be charged based on the type of jobs you let them to work on. Feel free to ask for job service quotation for this case.

The Core of Our Bullet-Proof SEO Strategy

We only employ whitehat or ethical SEO Strategy without worrying the chance of getting penalized by Google or any other search engines. Our proprietary Ranking Strategy is proven effective and bullet-proof from any algorithmic changes.

It can withstand whatever changes made by search engines in their ranking algorithms. It can evolve and adapt without problems of getting hit by search engine penalties. The core of the strategy is based on what's already working in search engine result pages. We undergo in-depth analysis of the top ranking competitors both their onsite and offsite aspects. It includes also identifying the competitors weaknesses to exploit and outrank them.

RISK FREE: 100% Money-Back Guarantee

As long as you showed to us that you followed our best SEO ranking recommendations based on set time frame, we are obliged to send you back the money without hassle. We pay you back $59 in full without any additional requirements.

Only remember, we don't guarantee specific ranking position, what we only guarantee is improved rankings within 90 days. After all, no one exactly knows the algorithm of Google or any search engines. I'm sure those who promises you ranking positions are all scammers. Our goal in mind is to bring your website to the first page or top rankings using our ethical seo strategy.

Also, additional paid jobs you requested from our experts to do the howto guide like fixing onsite errors and the like are not included in this money-back guarantee.

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Why We Don't Do Any Blackhat or Greyhat SEO Strategies?

Just Google alone, no one can beat their large investments of their main business which is their search engine. They are well funded and equipped with the latest technologies, surrounded with highly-skilled and smart experts. And most of all they never stop updating their Google's algorithms to stay in #1 position in the search engine market. The same thing with other search engines, they are doing their best to be competitive and get a good share in the market.

These search engine companies won't allow anyone to ruin their reputation. That's why they are always upgrading their complex algorithms in a timely manner. Therefore, any search engine manipulations or known as blackhat or greyhat strategies are considered short-lived. These dirty strategies may work at sometime but less chance to work in the long haul. These small-time manipulators are somehow fighting with big giants with less chance of winning.

The worst thing if your website caught doing these type of manipulations, search engines like Google will never hesitate to penalize or ban your website.Either your site will get harsh drop of rankings or your entire site can't be seen anymore in search listing results.Google will do this to protect their brand. Because if they will just allow these dirty strategies to get top rankings. More likely, searchers will start switching to Yahoo or Bing if they won't find exactly what they are looking for but instead bombarded with irrelevant search results.

So, it's never be a good investment if we are playing against search engine rules like using any blackhat or greyhat strategies. This is the reason we avoid using these types of dirty ranking strategies. Instead, we are diligently working in alignment to search engine ranking procedures. Based on our experiences, if we do follow only the rules, search engines will naturally reward high rankings with less effort at our end.

The Overview of Our SEO Whitehat 10-Step Ranking Process

Our SEO process is holistic approach with the primary goal to increase website conversion via strategic top rankings. The conversion could be product sales , service subscription, or phone calls. We make sure aside from improved rankings , your site's conversion will likewise improved. It's the true success we are looking for and not only useless search traffic from wrongly selected keywords.

Also, we are aiming for long-term ranking that converts well, so we won't ever employ blackhat or greyhat SEO strategies. Our strategy is pure whitehat that attracts search engines like Google to naturally reward site with top rankings. See below for the overview of our ranking process:

1. Understanding Your Business Goals, Services and Target Market

It's essential to get first a good understanding of your business to design an appropriate SEO action plan that will produce real results. This is the important foundation to help discover the best keywords that really convert.It's our top priority to increase your conversion or revenue using organic seo top listing. Understanding your business goals gives us clear direction to fulfill your business needs.

Also, we allocate time to understand your services. This is helpful for us to promote correctly your business brand and protect your online reputation. We spend time too to understand your target market. It includes knowing their demographics and psychographics. In this approach, we can easily penetrate to meet the needs of the target audience.

2. Conducting Technical Website Audit

Your website will be thoroughly examine for SEO-friendly compliance. The dedicated Onsite SEO expert will undergo checking the entire website using combination of advanced auditing tools to support the ocular inspection of an expert. Here are the major site issues the expert will keenly look into:

Broken Links

These are both annoying for human and robot visitors. People will make bad impression of your site if you overlooked removing broken links. It seems you allow them to hit their heads hard on the wall, without returning back. If this happens, then surely they will hesitate visiting again your website.

And for search engine robots, your website can't escape of hiding your broken links. Once the robots have found broken links, these can cause some serious penalty. For Google, they have smart algorithm or robot known as Google Panda who are taking charge of this kind of lapses.

In this regards, we strongly recommend to fix all identified broken links soonest possible before doing further website optimization. Our experts will use a combination of dedicated tools to discover all broken links residing in your website and we'll give appropriate recommendations on how fix them quickly.

Duplicate Contents

It's a no-no to the eyes of search engines to find duplicate contents in your site. Google Panda algorithm has corresponding penalty for this. It gives signal to low quality site. Also, they won't allow to display duplicate search listing or else their reputation will be in danger.

We are looking not only the page content duplicates, but also the page titles, meta data, and other visible and invisible components of the site. Some duplicate contents may appear in categories and tags which are not bad in user viewpoint. There's a technique for this to inform search engine robots to disregard these duplicate contents and not get penalize then.

Page Not Found or 404 Errors

It's very disappointing to click a link and get "Page Not Found" error message in your brower. The same thing, search engines don't like this. Disregarding this type of errors can cause site penalty and dropped of rankings.

Google won't bring visitors from their search result to a site page that has error. If they allow this, there's a high chance visitors will switch to their competitors like Yahoo or Bing. And they won't allow this happen. This is the reason they take this seriously.

If some of your site pages are non-existent already because of some changes you've made in your site structure, then an appropriate way to do this is to implement properly 404 redirection to the page that's is related or has good content of what the visitors are looking for.

Page Loading Issues

Site loading speed is an important factor in organic ranking. Fast loading sites load faster than slow ones. In this fast paced internet era where millions of available options found on the net, people becoming more impatient especially with regards to looking for information via search engine. They can hardly wait site loading more than 30 seconds or else they will close it quickly and look for another options This can cause too high bounce rate that can hurt your site rankings.

Most of the website developers are not good in SEO developed websites that load too slow because they are using too much fancy designs. They are using scripts that are not minified and also large images that are not properly compressed. Even though the site looks awesome but if its loading speed sucks, it's useless because people will not like waiting too long.

Meta Data Optimization Compliance

This helps not only for improving search engine rankings but also improving conversions. If this is done properly even if your site is ranked #3, you can still get more visitors than top competitors.

The reason behind this is people based their clicking decision not primarily based on ranking position but what they perceived the most relevant to their search intention. Basically meta data especially meta description and including page title will serve an ad copy in organic result. It should be attention grabbing and worth to click for by your target audience.

301 Redirection or Canonical Issues

Most of the website developers are not expert in SEO. Thus, most often they disregard fixing canonical issues that could hurt site rankings. The most common issue is non-www and www redirection or http and https. If this redirection issue is not fixed, this can create exact content duplicate to the eyes of search engines.

For example, and, appear completely different urls. So, this can cause content duplication issue that can cause penalty if overlooked or neglected. Moreover, there are also instances your website developer changed some of your urls especially if you're migrating your site. A thorough scanning of your site to check for canonical issues is necessary.

SEO-Friendly URLS

Dynamic urls, those having variables in your site urls especially for e-commerce sites are considered not seo-friendly type of urls. To help search engines understand your page, adding your keyword as part of your site page url can help. But it should be done with care too because if you overdo it, it can cause overoptimzation and sooner your site will be penalized.

The keyword you put in your url should be also the keyword found in your page content or else it's flagged for irrelevancy or poor quality content. Apart from this, the urls must not be too deep or long that is difficult to remember. Your urls should be easy to memorize if possible so that your visitors can remember easily. That's also the reason a keyword relevant urls is appropriate because it's aligned with the visitor's intention.

Keyword Optimized Contents

This is a good way of telling search engines the theme or topic of your site pages. This onsite strategy is abused by newbie seo enthusiast. They over-optimized the page content by stuffing keywords on it. It's easy to detect this because it's too awkward reading the same exact keyword repeated several times in the entire content.

This type of approach is a negative signal for both people and search engine robots. It's obvious the intention of this strategy is somewhat to manipulate ranking. Unfortunately, this won't succeed anymore compared to the past because robots or spiders are smarter nowadays. A proper keyword density and proximity is highly recommended of which an SEO expert can help you on this.

Proper Internal Linking

Let your site pages work each other to boost rankings. This can be realized by proper internal linking between your related pages. This will tell search engines that your site content pages are thematically relevant and eventually will help the overall domain authority of the whole site.

A high domain authority site is just like Oprah Show, when you have the opportunity to be Oprah's guest and get her recommendation. It can make you a breakthrough because of her million of followers that trusted her. Your website too with high domain authority can make your pages ranked quickly on search engine result pages.

Also, internal linking gives good navigation to your site visitors. It can keep them stay to your site for long, thus, lowering your site bounce rate which is an important SEO ranking factor too.

Proper Configuration of Robots.txt and Htacess files

Most of the website developers neglected these 2 important files that can help improve site rankings. Robots.txt file can help you tell search engine robots the pages you wanted to get indexed or not.

Website can't avoid to have thin contents or pages not good for SEO such as terms and conditions, privacy policy, and even resource page with hundreds of outgoing links that could hurt rankings if crawled or indexed by search engine robots. So, it's advisable to restrict these type not seo-friendly pages in robotst.txt file.

And htacess file role is mainly for redirection purposes such and 301 and 404 redirects. This file is very sensitive to edit, because it can cause the entire site not to function if done incorrectly. It's advisable to make backup before editing this file

3. Installing Necessary Site Analytics and Diagnostic Tools

4. Fixing Critical Website Issues

5. Discovering Profitable Keywords

6. Understanding Top Competitors' Strengths and Weaknesses

7. Developing Action Plan To Outrank The Competitions

8. Implementing Onsite Optimization According To The Plan

9. Building Quality Backlink Profile Using Reverse Engineering Strategy

10. Progress Tracking and Adjustments

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