Is Do It Yourself SEO Possible?


Is Do-it-yourself (DIY) search engine optimization possible?


“It is not only possible, but it is your preference.Nobody but you, will care much about your business.” (Eric Ward)

         It can be a small business or someone who markets online for large companies, one should know that doing DIY technique is not just simply by doing it on your own, you have to make it different. It should not be something everyone does, even though a part of it or some may have done by others. But in the end, how effective your technique is depends how it is different.





  • Look for keywords on your site. You can use a free tool like Google Keyword Planner wherein you will just have to input your website URL and review your keywords. You can also do it with the website of a competitor.
  • Use relevant, long keywords. The longer the keywords, the easier to rank and can drive much traffic.
  • Get keyword ideas from customers/target audience . Put yourself on the place of the customer or your target audience. Brainstorm, what could be the keyword you will use if you want to find a business page, your business is offering.  The keyword will be the one to lead your customer to your site.
  • Make use of the keywords. Since you already have your relevant keywords. Make sure you use it. Include it on your website, so that people using your keywords may site.   
  • Great Content. You don’t only need to have a good keyword, good backlinks. But you have to make your site and your content great and interesting. Once your keyword lead your audience to your site, it is now your content’s job whether to make the audience or leave and check for more.
  • Work with Bloggers Look for bloggers that review the products you market. There are some who reviews  asking for pay, samples or even for free. There are millions of it. Contact them, choose the ones with great influence.
  • Links on your Images. I think this is self explanatory, attached the link of your site on images you post on sites or services. You can also use hashtags this will increase your ranking, and your chance of being seen by people using this hashtags.
  • Get involved. Get involved on sites where a lot of people use, like social media. Social media are now commonly used by businesses, small or big. Reach out to people sharing the same ideas and interests related to your market and maintain regular engagement.  The number of likes, comments, shares are being counted by Google.
  • Create a company blog. Create a company blog and update it regularly.  Choose the best topic that will provide the best traffic. Something people will love. You can also share this blog to your social media and don’t forget to use hashtags/keywords.
  • Put yourself as the customer.  Customers will never search the way you want them to searched for you. Focus on what your customer will be searching for.



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