Importance Of Article Submission For SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a dubious strategy utilized by organizations enormous or little everywhere throughout the web. At the point when executed well, a site can drive to the main page of the significant web crawlers, putting the business in the viewable pathway of the purchaser when they’re as of now hunting down an item or administration.

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The article is like an essay, and it gives detail knowledge about a specific subject. It’s the best way to give perfect describe our product. Articles are like the pages of the book. For example, in a book, we say according to page 22, New Delhi is our capital, etc.Same in the constitution, there are provisions written in the constitution, and we say that according to article 14, equality before the law. Many articles constitute parts eg.part one includes art.1,2,3. The schedule contains information which is not described in articles.

Suppose, if you have a product like a pen that has some special and attractive features. Here, you will write about a product in detail and publish with world’s best article websites where people like to read about their interest.

It is the best way to engage more visitors with your product. Famous article websites have been visited by curious customers who want to detail knowledge about a specific product or service that’s why they read the article because it has been written through expert writers.

EzineArticles is one of the most famous article websites where we find all kinds of the article for getting detail information. When you submit your articles (ie offer them for publishing), a “resource box” is attached to each article. The resource box is simply a couple of sentences containing a brief bit of biographical information about the author or a reference to the author’s field of expertise or interest. Most importantly, the resource box contains a link to the author’s website.

You need to get the widest possible circulation for your article. To do this, you could submit the article to owners of websites with similar content to the subject of your article. This, however, is a time-consuming process and the same results can be achieved faster if you submit your articles to article directories. If there are certain high ranking websites where you particularly want to place your article, you can email the webmasters of those sites direct. However, excellent results can be obtained simply by submitting your articles to directories. When you submit your articles, each one will automatically be available for anyone to republish provided that they do not change the article in any way and that they include your resource box with the link to your website.

Simply having your article posted on article directory websites means that each directory is providing a one-way link back to your website and this will enhance your website’s status with the search engines. Free one-way links are sought after by all webmasters, but the benefits of article publishing do not stop there.

Article importance in SEO

When we write an article and publish with well-known article submission websites, then we engage it with our target website link. It means, if you have catchy article then the visitor will surely visit your website for finding more relevant topics.

  1. Link building – A good article website offers maximum three links where we can build our target website’s link.
  2. Link juice – If an article website publishes your post, then you receive link juice for better page rank.
  3. Page authority & domain authority – article submission increase both kind of authority for your target website.
  4. More visitors – article submission divert visitors to your website for finding relevant topics.
  5. Quality backlinks – article submission always generate quality backlink for your target website that has very less chance to be dead.