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How To’s In Content Creation

In content creation you should know the keyword of your website to know what type of content to create. Keyword is important to know the topic of the content.


Choosing Content Niche and Topic


Choosing the right keyword for your website is very important. From the word “key” keyword plays a vital role in a website. It has great significance for your website’s concept. Your keyword is what your website is about.


There are different tools in searching for keywords. Most popular of them all is Google Adwords Keyword Tool. It helps you choose the right keyword to target. With its detailed results like average monthly searches and more, you will surely have a basis of what to choose.


Steps in Creating Content


In creating a content, may it be video or article, you should put in mind that it must be unique. It must be appealing to readers.


Content creation requires brainstorming. You need to think or gather ideas about your topic. Preparation is very important. Know what information your target market is searching. You must be familiar with your niche as well and search for updates and news about it before creating content.


Then, draft your ideas about the article or video you will create. Have as much ideas as you can for your content creation. Make sure your ideas are what the audience need. Among these, curate and choose what’s best and finalize it.


Key Points to Remember


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As I’ve said earlier, do some research. There are a lot of information around the web that you can get updates from. This is to make certain what you are writing or creating is of great value and is true.


Look for content formats that might be appealing to the audience as well. Some contents are great but the audience refuse to read it because of poor formatting. So, don’t make this mistake.


Always remember that the title pays it all. Have a title that will make the reader want to read more. Starting your title with How-Tos or Wh questions or anything that will make it appealing to the readers is essential. Also, blogs prefer titles with the keywords in them. This makes it searchable to the web. Just don’t use the keyword too much or it will be bad for your SEO. Preferred keyword density on the article body is 2% to 2.5%.

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Once your article or video is done, watch or read it over and over again. There might be typographical error or mistakes that you have overlooked. Watching or reading it up to three to five times can help you identify and realize some errors (if there is/are).


Before uploading or posting your content, it is important to check first its uniqueness. There are a lot of plagiarism checker around the web that will check your article content for plagiarism and uniqueness. Refine your article over and over again if you think there is still something needed to be done.


Always remember to make your article readable and the idea understandable. And if words and letters matter, images as well. You got to have powerful images, the one that can grab attention and won’t make your article dull. Upon posting, arrange your images and fix the alignment. One great alignment option is align left. Choose a clear image and customize size as needed. This way, your post will look awesome and eye catching.


Hope this article helps you make great contents and choose great topics based on your website.

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