The Latest Google Fred Update


What You Should Know About Google Fred Update

New and Unconfirmed Google ranking update “Fred” shakes the SEO world. There have been a lot of assumptions on what are its contributions to the algorithm fluctuation. Others may argue that Fred is all about backlink quality while some say that thin content and Ad heavy websites are getting hit the hardest by Fred. It is too soon to say for sure, but let’s take onto its algorithm change.

Latest Google Algorithm Update named – “Fred”

A new update has been released by Google that shook up the world of SEO. It’s named as “Fred” – the new algorithm from Google. It whirled the webmasters as a number of sites dropped in a severe way especially in rankings. It has shown that some websites saw a whopping 80 – 90% of their keywords drop several places in SERPs. This means that these affected sites have a low quality link profile.

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Fred seems to be a link quality algorithm update, affecting sites that have been doing Black Hat SEO stuff, but probably also other factors affect the ranking of sites. Most likely Fred is a friend of the very well known Penguin and has been trying to remove webspam. Which means it measures a website according to the other sites that are pointing back to it. As we all know that a strong link profile has backlinks from sites with a high domain authority, meaning it is not enough to simply get a backlinks from spammy sites. Sites that have low quality backlinks are taking serious hit with this new algorithm.

Google may not have confirmed yet nor denied the Fred update but G has already stated in the past that the company will not officially announce updates for its algorithm is updated regularly. But Gary Illyes from Google did say they are constantly and said that while updates are still ongoing it will be named as Fred otherwise stated.

For now it is best to focus on producing quality content, user experience and stick to Whitehat link building while we wait for more updates about “Google Fred Update”.