Google Penguin 4.0 Case Study: Spammy Backlinks Won’t Matter Anymore

According to Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, Garry Illyes, that those spammy links are simply devalued or ignored and they don’t count for good or for bad.

Therefore this is the end of negative seo services because even if you throw thousands of spammy backlinks to the website, they don’t make anymore impact to the site’s rankings. They have no value at all and simply be ignored by Google. Thus penalty due to spammy backlinks is not anymore possible. Because this is also prone for manipulation by competition.

At last the worry of site owners that their competitors might throw them bad or spammy backlinks has come to an end.

Penguin 4.0 Update is Real-time

Just like Panda, Penguin is now real-time. The effect is instant once the page is re-index or revisited. It’s not like the previous Penguin update that it may take months to wait for the change, even you’ve done too much effort already to build a good backlink portfolio. It’s good thing for website owners to immediately make an analysis if the newly backlinks acquired are spammy to the eyes of Google or not and then make quick readjustments for improvement.

Possible Rank Demotion

Those sites that ranked in the past due to greyhat or blackhat strategies could experience decrease in rankings after those spammy backlinks found are devalued or ignored. This Penguin update is much more intelligent in identifying manipulative or spammy backlinks compared to the previous updates.

Latest Case Study of Penguin 4.0 Update

We did negative seo or getting spammy backlinks for the intention to derank or push down the ranking of the annoying negative review of the site of one of our clients . This negative review is initially ranking on first of Google search results.

We  did it move down successfully from #1 down to #4  after the spammy backlinks crawled by Google. See below for the acquired bad backlinks.
Spammy Backlink Profile

But after the Penguin update and those spammy or bad backlinks have been devalued or ignored you can see below it’s going back to its previous rank position #1.Penguin 4 case study
It’s clear here that Penguin 4 update is working this time and simply ignore those spammy backlinks. It only counts good or quality backlinks then for ranking purpose.

So, stop worrying about spammy backlinks your competitors might throwing to your site, it’s useless this time. Instead of worrying them, focus your effort on getting quality backlinks.