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Forum Participation To Get Organic High Quality Traffic

We all know that link building is the process of creating links which involve different strategies. One of the strategies is forum participation. For some forums are a bit complicated but if done correctly it is very simple, but time consuming I guess. Well, I assure you it is going to be worth your time.

What is Forum?

Forum is where people discuss and participate. People answer questions and give suggestions on a certain topic or queries. Most forums are niche based while some are general discussions but each thread has its own certain topic.

How is Forum Participation Done?

First, you have to search for niche-related forum sites and posts. The formulas in searching niche-related local forum sites are as follows:

  1. inurl:”/forum” + “words related to your niche or your keyword” + location
  2. “powered by vbulletin” + “words related to your niche or your keyword”
  3. “powered by phpBB” “words related to your niche or your keyword”
  4. inurl: keyword state city  “powered by vbulletin”
  5. inurl: keyword state city “powered by phpBB”

forum postingMake sure to use the right search engine. Say the search engine google, if your website offers services or products in Canada use but if it offers services or products in USA you can just use

Second, you must register on forum sites. And a working email is a must to verify and confirm your registration. I advise you to have a different working email for link building aside from your website’s email. This is to avoid flooding of emails on your website’s email. It will be hard for you to check for queries from customers if your website’s email is flooded with confirmations.

The third step is creating a profile. In your forum account you should fill the details such as about yourself, website, blogs, hobby and other details that you may share to others. Most forums have signature in them. You can edit it through the signature section of your profile. Note: Some forum sites doesn’t allow links on signature until certain number of reply is done. So, be patient.
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Once your profile is set up you may start replying and posting to relevant threads and posts.

Key Points to Remember in Forum Participation

  1. Check Trust Flow (TF) and Domain Authority (DA) before you proceed. Choose forums with DA 20+ and TF 10+.
  2. Only post in niche related forums.
  3. Using keywords as your profile name is not a good idea.
  4. Putting your keyword as anchor text in your signature is not a good idea. Use only branded name or naked url or generic anchor texts. (If you haven’t read about anchor text yet, you may read Rule of the Thumb in Using Anchor Text). It all depends on the forum if it is allowed.
  5. Be observant enough and look what other member’s profile or signature are.
  6. Write good responses all the time.

Always remember to earn trust from the administrator and other members so you don’t get banned. Be friendly and interact with good manners. Posting relevant replies will help your website get high quality and organic traffic thus an increase in sales. You do not just earn but help others as well by sharing what you know.

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