Font Size And Line Spacing Are Important For Content Readability

It’s too tiring to read website content with very small font size and no proper line spacing between sentences and paragraphs. Imagine reading a long article with thousands of words, can you hold your patient to continue reading such article? You might think , the article is not worthy to read for because the writer didn’t even take time to format his article properly.

What’s The Acceptable Font Size?

By default , most browsers used 16 pixels for content body text and it’s recommended for readability too. Anything less is considered a costly mistake. Your website’s visitors could skip reading your important content and find some readable content elsewhere, more likely towards your competitor’s website. And to make sure your website texts appear uniformly to all type of browsers you better set it fix in your website code.

Why 16-Pixel Text Recommended?

Actually, the 16-Pixel on your computer screen is almost the same size of the texts found in your books.

Also, almost one out of ten of your site’s readers may have problem with their eyes especially for aged ones. Our sitting position is at least an arm’s length from the monitor and it will cause straining to our eyes to read text smaller than 16 pixels.

Remember the harder your content text is to read, the more of it will be disregarded and the more of it will be less understood.

If you want to get the maximum number of visitors to read your content, understand and take action then you must set the size of it at minimum of 16 pixels.

Proper Line Spacing For Your Website Contents

Line spacing is measured baseline to baseline of text. See below for sample:
Line Spacing sample

The smaller the font size , the greater the line spacing needed proportionally to cover the reduced readability of small settings.

Most of the web design programs , line spacing is set by default 120% of the font size to be readable by most of visitors and it’s advisable to stick with this setting as minimum.

For example if you’ve used 16-pixel font size then it’s recommended to use 35.2 -pixel line spacing height.

Click this for font size conversion chart I used in the video.