How To Find And Fix Quickly Broken or Deadlinks In Your Website

Broken or dead links can badly affect your reputation from both human visitors and search engines. Searchers can instantly make bad impression for those sites with broken links.It gives negative perception that the site is outdated or of poor quality. So, you better learn to fix broken links to stop giving frustration to visitors.

Finding Broken Links For Free

Nowadays, there are several free tools available to help find those broken links quickly. It’s up to you to choose which one you feel comfortable with. But in our case, we opted to use the free online broken link checker, that can be found here

Why We choose this

1. It’s the only free tool we’ve found so far that can help us fix quickly any link errors. Because, it shows the exact location of where the dead links can be found. Plus, it has the additional feature where we can locate the exact broken url in the page source code.

2. It has no limit of scanning your pages regardless of how big your site is. Unlike other free tools available that you are only allowed to use in number of limited pages. If you want to expand, you need to pay their premium packages.

3. Also, it checks and validates both internal and external links, so no escape for any type of dead links.

See screenshot below for sample result:
BrokenLinkCheck sample result

Fixing Broken or Dead links In Simplest Way

You don’t need to study advanced html coding or any programming just to learn fixing dead links. Because, the only one thing you need to know is only one html tag.

Clickable linked text in your page is enclosed by this simple tag in the page source code:
ahref syntax

You need not even to memorize it. Because the only way you have to do is to find the dead link or url in the page source code and then replace it.

See below for the short video on how to find and fix quickly broken or dead links.