Facebook Likes or Engagement? Which is which?



               When you come into a Facebook page, which is the first thing that you look? What  is the thing that makes you convince, the page is a good one.? Or if a lot of people notice

I can sense that your  answer would be the  number of likes.

                Mostly it will be the answer. Even I, at first, I judge a facebook page by its number of likes. I often judge how legit or how effective the business is by the number of likes, only then to figure out there is more than meets the eye.

               Just like what I have said, I used to think that Facebook Likes is the basis of a facebook page engagement level until I come up to a certain page. It was a  facebook page of a small company. It really looks appealing because of the large number of likes. I was thinking “this page can really be good and interesting since a lot like it”. Yes I was convinced and almost push myself to like the page. But out of curiosity I checked its wall, the posts, the comments, the likes and I was shocked, The number of likes and comments on its posts are few, there are even some have none.  The number is not evenof the total number of likes. So how come  a lot like the page, but seems like no one notices their posts?

Again out of curiousity, I checked the people who likes the page. Most of the accounts  are seem to be not real accounts. Accounts are also from location far from the target area of the company, which is nonsense. They may got the large number of likes but  are not hitting their target area. It would  obviously appear that it was bought rather than earned.

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               So how would you measure the engagement and how effective? There is a new feature in facebook that would measure and show you how many or how much engagement  did you make in a  day or in  a week and how many  people were you able to reach out or have seen your post.  It is measured by the shares, likes, comments and reply to comments.


                 These two conversations are really helpful. Conversation to your audience and Conversation among your audience. When your posts is interesting, other than the likes, the people will put the comments and ideas. As the facebook who should know well about your posts, you should reply to this comments, answers question or give tips to maintain conversation and engagement.

                 Some audience would also reply to some comments. Either they would agree or disagree. It will lead to a conversation, an interaction among your audience.  The more shares, comments and replies, the higher the engagement. The higher the engagement, the more recognition of your posts and facebook page.

I would love to share with you, what I did on a facebook page I was working before which I earned 21, 000 engagement in a day and 56, 0000 number of people reached with only 14 likes, but of course that would be on my next article. 🙂


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