Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis is one amongst those things in SEO that everyone thinks they are doing, and everyone thinks they are doing well. however if truth be told,  not plenty of individuals do. And it’d be that you just don’t run enough and don’t look in enough depth at completely different competitors. Or it’d be that you just go very, very deep however you don’t truly use the knowledge that you’ve learned within the right method.


There are four key elements, the Who, the What, the Where, and the Why.


And it might seem obvious. You might think you know who your competitors are, or your client might think that they know who their competitors are, and they might be right. But actually, there’s a good chance that what it comes to search competitors, you haven’t got an exhaustive list just by thinking about it or off the top of your head. You really need to think about who your search competitors are. And they might not be the same ones you think they are. And it may not be the same ones that they are offline. So one really good way to do this is the related search. So you can  just search this on Google, related: And it will show you the sites that Google thinks are related to  your business. And that is a great way to have really good search understanding of who your competitors are. You can also see who is ranking for certain keywords you want to rank. And sometimes those lists will collaborate, and some won’t. The more competitors you are aware of, the better you can research and with more information you can collect.



What Platforms? Channels are they engaging with on social? Are they successful? And How are they doing it? Do they have a blog in terms of content? Updated regularly? What kinds of contents they’re doing? What works well for them?

Really starting to dig deep into what  their content strategy is going to help you build your content strategy and make sure  that you’re one step ahead. And there’s loads of tools out there that can help with that, BuzzSumo being one of them , really good for geting social shares and understanding what works best. There’s so many tools out there that can help you better analyze those. Dig deep for blogs and their other channels like social.



Similarly, you wish to trust wherever they’re obtaining their links and their smart engagement from. therefore this comes all the way down to backlink analysis and extremely analysing those social platforms to se which of them work best for them. i f you’re in a very B2B atmosphere, you’re likely to visualize things like LinkedIn and Twitter work best. however you would possibly realize that they found approach|how|some way|the way|the simplest way} to capture Facebook interests in a very completely different way that you simply haven’t thought of and you would possibly not thought was doable. wherever square measure they obtaining their links from? currently, this is often extremely very important. If you perform a comprehensive backlink analysis and appearance in any respect of their extremely robust links, i guarantee you may realize some opportunities that you simply haven’t thought-about, sites that square measure linking to them which will fine link to you too which you’ll build a relationship with. And suddenly, you’ve got a far broader understanding of the opportunities out there to you on the idea of what they’re going.



Most importantly, and this is the step that a lot of people miss.

Why are you going to do it? Why have they done it? Who are they talking to? What’s their audience? What are the purpose, and what are they trying to achieve? What are the goals?

It might be that their strategy doesn’t consider to goals if you can’t understand what their goals are? They might not be measuring the success of each piece. What they want them to do and they may not have more or much about who they’re actually talking to. Each content you do is different. You must need think, analyze when you’re putting content together. What you’re trying to achieve? and how you’re going to measure your success? You need not understand those audiences so that you can deliver content for each one and measure that right KPI(key performance indicator) for each piece. You’re going to have people that are your peers, your clients, prospects, potential influencer link, people who are going to share your content and link to it, and they all behave very differently. So that’s a top level overview of competitor analysis for social.

Looking at competitors to what they’re doing and to differentiate their content in any social channels. There’ll be new competitors entering the market. New links to look on a regular basis. Now, you should look at the backlinks, profiles for at least once a month in order to see what they are doing. Have a look at their blogs, social platforms. Have they changed anything? Have you found any new ideas? Gather this all all together to help you be in a better position in creating your own content strategy. But, make sure that you’re always doing the competitor analysis, and doing it well, then understand about your findings, and most importantly, you better use it in the right way and strategize your content nicely.