How To Check Your Website Running Smoothly Across Multiple Browsers And Operating Systems?

You might end up worthless to the eyes of your target audience and to the extent of losing valuable traffic from your website. This could happen repeatedly if you continue to neglect, testing your website’s compatibility across other browsers.

Your website layout might be distorted and awful to look at from some known browsers and operating systems. Do you think visitors love it? Surely not, they will exit early and consider jumping out to your competitor’s site.

Now, you might go with the idea to test your website to multiple browsers in different operating systems as well. But you know, for browsers alone, there are more than 150 available from this time of writing and keep adding up to the list due to frequent versions update, released almost every year.

At your end, it could be a very daunting task to check your website for every browser available. Indeed, it’s very tiresome if you do it manually, one by one. Is there a solution for this problem? Yes!, just continue reading for you to know our magic wand and the good thing it’s again free to use.

Checking Cross-browser Compatibility All At Once

In our own research, we discovered several online tools available to test website across different browsers. They are good, but most of them are available for free trial use only. Hence, we don’t want you to spend even a single dime . We highly recommend to use this available free online tool , this will do the magic of testing your website to more than 190 browsers and different operating systems  all at once.

All you have to do is fill in your website, submit it and wait for a few minutes for you to see all the screenshots of your website from various browsers. You may check short video below for the quick process of how to use this tool.

What Browsers and Operating Systems To Prioritize?

We can’t please everybody , the same thing to browser and operating system, we can’t make our website appears good to all available platforms , especially for very old versions.

How to deal this?
In our case, we focus only optimizing our website to those browsers and operating systems most commonly used by our target market. We can get this essential data from Google Analytics account. Check below for the screenshot of its exact location in the analytics.
Google Analytics - Browser-OS-section

What if you have no Analytics data yet?
For new sites or those sites just recently installed their Analytics where data is not reliable yet for analysis, the best thing to do is prioritize the top browsers and operating systems widely used like Chrome,FireFox, and Internet Explorer for browsers, Windows and Mac for operating systems as well.

For versioning, you may go back last 10 browser versions or last 5 Operating System versions as your basis. For instance, if your website runs good in the old version FireFox 19.0, then your website will surely work for succeeding versions. Because most of the case, old versions are forward compatible to new versions but not the other way.