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How To Boost Your Article Content For SEO

Writing an article is easy, with basic English and knowledge on your topic; sure everything goes smooth. But, how about your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Is your article helping you enough? Here are some tips on how to make your article content worthwhile.

Keyword is Important

Who says it is not important? It is as important as your topic because it determines your very own topic. Where else will you get a topic of your website? It is always in your keyword. Now, is your keyword worthy too? If you are in doubt, do some keyword research. Keyword research has been made easy with different free tools you can use. If you don’t know how to get started on keyword research and how to get buying keywords you may contact us at
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Check Your Article Content

Of course if you want to boost your article content, you must have a good content to share with others. Make certain your content is comprehensive. Ask yourself, does people care about this topic? Also, check the content. As content writers always say to webmasters, your content must be long enough as this is what search engines prefer. Write an article content more than 300 or even more than 500 or even more than that.

Make Your Keywords Work

Check whether your focus keyword appears on the first paragraph. Also check on keyword density. Make sure your focus keyword is in the meta description. Try to use your focus keyword in at least one subheading. Use a relevant image with alt text; insert focus keyword in your alt text. If possible since your focus keyword is your topic, include it in your SEO title. Is your focus keyword in the url of the post? Those are the things you should do to make your keyword work. (refer to the image below, sample from a wordpress blog post)

boost article content through keyword

Notable Things in SEO

As you can see in the image above, there is a snippet, focus keyword and SEO analysis. You can use that as a basis for your post’s SEO. While you have a content, these are the notable things you need to consider. Is your meta description appealing? Is your content above the minimum length of 300 words? How about your page title’s length? Check this out when you post your article. In the image above I used my previous post on alt text as a sample.

Content Marketing

If you want, you may promote your content on social media platforms, social bookmarking websites, blog commenting and many other strategies you can use to promote your article content url.

Next time you create a content don’t forget to do the necessary things to boost your article content. This is especially helpful to your website’s SEO. Don’t just post anything, do it with confidence that it won’t just sit there without any benefit for you. By writing, others can benefit through the knowledge you share and you too can benefit through your website.

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