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    Facebook Likes or Engagement? Which is which?

                       When you come into a Facebook page, which is the first thing that you look? What  is the thing that makes you convince, the page is a good one.? Or if a lot of people notice I can sense that your  answer would be the  number…

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    Top 5 Most Important SEO


    1. Include the Exact Target Keyword When attainable insert your regulate want keyword or phrase in your URL. This is usually hard to complete on the subject of your dwelling page, but it should be easy regarding your support pages or blog articles. 2. 301 Redirect Broken URLs If you must fine-feel a URL for…

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    What is SEO Content?

        I believe you are familiar with “SEO Content”   since you are reading this. But what is a “SEO Content”? What types of SEO content are there? What could be my SEO content strategy?Am I doing it right? When to use it? and How?   SEO or the Search Engine Optimization is the…

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    7 SEO Tips and Tricks for 2017 from Hundreds of Customers


    Here are 7 tips that can get you to page 1 if followed correctly: 1. Is your website mobile friendly – Google prefers sites that pass their mobile-friendly test since it provides a better overall experience for their search engine users. 2. Does your site load quickly? – Google prefers sites that load quickly for the…

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    Is Do It Yourself SEO Possible?

      Is Do-it-yourself (DIY) search engine optimization possible?   “It is not only possible, but it is your preference.Nobody but you, will care much about your business.” (Eric Ward)          It can be a small business or someone who markets online for large companies, one should know that doing DIY technique is…

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    Does Blogging Help SEO

    a How Will a Blog Help My Website’s SEO & Search Rankings? It’s common for businesses to come to us requesting help improving their search rankings (we do offer SEO and SEM services, after all). Among all of our suggestions, the one that always creates the biggest question is the idea of blogging. “Will that really…

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    Competitor Analysis

    Competitor Analysis is one amongst those things in SEO that everyone thinks they are doing, and everyone thinks they are doing well. however if truth be told,  not plenty of individuals do. And it’d be that you just don’t run enough and don’t look in enough depth at completely different competitors. Or it’d be that…

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    White Hat VS Black Hat SEO

    Introduction You may be wondered to learn that Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the process system of increasing traffic and conversions for a website through improved organic search results, wears hats. Like the old ‘B’ cowboy movies of your great – grandfather’s era, the techniques and those who apply them are called either white hat ,…

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    The Changing Face of SEO

    The Changing Face of SEO How is this possible? Yet with all of this SEO knowledge that has been accumulated, so many websites still fail. Along the way, some old standbys made their appearances … things like customer experience, depth of content, to mention a few. More recently, the ingredient list for a “perfect” search…


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