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boost article content

How To Boost Your Article Content For SEO

Writing an article is easy, with basic English and knowledge on your topic; sure everything goes smooth. But, how about your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Is your article helping you enough? Here are some tips on how to make your article content worthwhile. Keyword is Important Who says it is not important? It is as…

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Alt Text – Importance And Usage

On my previous article I said I am going to write about alt text on my next article. So, this is it. In this article I am going to show you what alt text is, its importance and usage. What is Alt Text? Alt text is an alternative text, consists of a phrase or a…

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improve website ranking

Factors Affecting Your Website Ranking

Ever wonder why your website is not ranking? See the factors that may have affected your website ranking. It is best to know what should be done on a website to achieve its full potential to customers and clients. There are different factors affecting website rankings. Site Domain, Onpage and Offpage are some of these…

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target quality backlinks

What Makes Quality Backlinks?

SEO is not just about creating backlinks but rather about creating QUALITY backlinks. Backlinks of low quality does not matter to search engines like google, which is the largest most influential search engine of all. So, in order for websites to rank high SEO specialists must keep in mind what kind of backlinks they are…

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content details

How To’s In Content Creation

In content creation you should know the keyword of your website to know what type of content to create. Keyword is important to know the topic of the content.   Choosing Content Niche and Topic   Choosing the right keyword for your website is very important. From the word “key” keyword plays a vital role…

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connect through forums

Forum Participation To Get Organic High Quality Traffic

We all know that link building is the process of creating links which involve different strategies. One of the strategies is forum participation. For some forums are a bit complicated but if done correctly it is very simple, but time consuming I guess. Well, I assure you it is going to be worth your time.…

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anchor text

Rule Of The Thumb In Using Anchor Text

What is Anchor Text and It’s Importance The text or phrase that appears highlighted and can be mouse overed or clicked that redirects to a target page is called anchor text. It is used in SEO campaigns especially on articles and comments. It is also used in video descriptions and other off page optimization strategies.…

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Social Stacking Can Help Boost Rankings

Social stacking, have you ever heard of it before? Some may know it already and some may not. Here is a brief description of it: it involves creating accounts on social media sites and stacking links together from each website. Still not clear? Kindly read on to know how to boost your social media links…

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