Alt Text – Importance And Usage

On my previous article I said I am going to write about alt text on my next article. So, this is it. In this article I am going to show you what alt text is, its importance and usage.

What is Alt Text?

Alt text is an alternative text, consists of a phrase or a word. It is often inserted in HTML as an attribute. Some websites like WordPress, have a box for alternative text to be placed with each image.

Importance of Alternative Text

If the image does not appear for whatever reason, its alt text will appear. It is used to tell website visitors and readers what the image is. If you don’t put alt text then the visitors won’t have any idea what it is. It has a reason why it is there. Based on SEOProfiler, a website that audits website, they consider images without alt text as a notice. They consider this as not critical but webmasters should be aware of them as a small gap may result in something big if not treated.

Alt text is a description of what an image is. As for SEO, having alt text on your image enables your website images to rank on search engines’ images search results. As a result, this gives an edge to your website.
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In addition to that, search engines does not see what an image is. It does not know what the image is about even if you edited the image and embedded a text on it. It is impossible for them to crawl your image and check if it is relevant for a certain search. Putting alt text on your image sends a signal to search engines upon crawling what it is. So, it will appear on image search results base on its relevancy.

Alternative Text Usage

You have known what an alt text is and how important it is. Knowing how to use alternative text is equally important as well.

alt text should not be forgotten

Since an alternative text is a description of what the image denotes, you should choose a descriptive word upon creating the alternative text. Be descriptive but keep it simple. Choose a short phrase that says a lot. You may utilize your keywords in creating alt text. It’s a good strategy to help your website rank with your image. But always remember to be very careful in using your keywords and the quantity of it as it may hurt your SEO instead of helping in the rankings.

Supposing the image is an astronaut on the moon. You should not put “picture of astronaut” instead put “a young astronaut landed on the moon” on the alternative text if it is clear that it is a young man. If it is an old man just say “an astronaut landed and walked on the moon.” Be as descriptive and precise as possible on your alt text.

Don’t be redundant by avoiding the phrases “picture of” and “an image of” on your alt text. It is obviously an image and the readers know it. Instead of saying “image of an astronaut who landed on the moon” just say “an astronaut landed on the moon”.

It is now clear that creating an alternative text should be part of our images when posting to websites.

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