4 Natural Anchor Text And Distribution

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  • Brand and URL should Use The Most

I  have always felt that having your brand name in every title tag though-out your website when your URL is your brand name is a waste. The space your brand name takes up could be used for more valuable non-branded keywords. If your brand name is unique, the URL (and content optimized with your brand name) should be enough to have you rank #1 across the board in search results. Though I believe this I still think it is valuable placing your brand name on the back of your homepage title tag.


  • Backlink Relevance Is Important

In Searchmetrics’ annual study of the characteristics of pages with a high Google ranking and the key factors that correlate with (or are more likely to appear on) these pages, we found that relevant, quality content is now more important than ever.

But what about backlinks? The logic goes that if a lot of other websites point to a page, then it must be valuable and useful.

This is why backlinks have been one of the important factors used by search engines to determine organic rankings.

And this is also why attracting backlinks has been a core part of the strategy used by content marketers and SEOs to help their content rank highly.

In our study, which is based on an analysis of the top 30 search results on Google.com for 10,000 relevant keywords, we found that while backlink features still show a fairly high correlation with rankings, their value is gradually declining.

This isn’t too surprising since Google has tried to clamp down on those who try to game the system by building false (or unnatural) links just for the sake of improving rankings.


  • Do NOT Over Use Keywords

Even if you don’t know much about SEO, you’ve probably come across the idea of “keywords.” These aren’t single words but phrases. They’re what people are likely to type into search engines when looking for content on the subject you’re writing about.

While it’s a good idea to keep keywords in mind – after all, you want your content to match with what people are interested in reading about – you can go too far.


  • Use Primary Keyword With Best Links

Once you’ve started researching your keywords, you’ll probably find thousands that you could use on your site. As you’ll most likely not have the time to target all of them, you should have a method for choosing the best ones. Owen Powis outlines his method.

A clear, well-organized site structure helps Google find your content and makes the navigation of your site easier for your customers. We discuss site structure in more detail in Keyword Mapping But here are some quick guidelines to consider when creating new pages:

  1. Organize your pages into categories.
  2. Each page should be targeting one keyword. Don’t target the same keyword on different pages.

That organization is your site structure. Always get your site structure right before you start creating content.